Tabslu - the easiest way to sell a table

The easiest way to sell a table of data

Work on the table with Google sheets, then sell it safely with Stripe

How does it work?

Prepare the table on Google sheets

Work on your own Google sheet from your Google account. Then, share it with Tabslu. Your table can also contain html and emojis. For example:

Connect to a Stripe account

Stripe safely processes online payments. We use it to secure all transactions in Tabslu.

Choose a price

Sell your table for any price you want starting from $0.99.

Share a unique link

Anyone will be able to access to your table for the price you chose. For example, here is a link for a $10 table: Once they pay, this is what they will see from the same link: example.


Why is it the easiest way to sell a table?


$0per month

  • Plug in your Google sheet, and safely sell it with Stripe
  • Unlimited edits to your Google sheet till you keep it active
  • 5% charge for each of your sales
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